Background and aims of the association

Establishing an organizational framework for the development and operation of sports for jobs opportunities in Jerusalem.

Framework to foster sports coordinators executive coaches and referees

Establishment and organization of sports teams in Hapoel Jerusalem within the area of Jerusalem

Representing  sports in the country and abroad


Jobs – association members

Knesset, Government Offices, Public institutions , Banks , Hospitals , Hotels , Industrial Facotories, Hi – Tech companies and Private Institutions.

Sports association unites about 250 jobs throughout Jerusalem

The association has about 450 teams in 12 different sports.

The association operates over 5,000 athletes.

Other activities of the association

The association conducts seminars and training coordinators in various sports in all areas relating to their work with a focus on the professionalization of health actors

Areas of additional activities

Featuring 450 teams currently playing in 12 regular league sports following

Football, men’s basketball and women, mini football

Volleyball, Dodge ball, mountain biking, bowling, table tennis, tennis, bridge and chess.